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Our Motto

"Facta non Verba "

"We don't @*#% about!"
(very loosely translated from the Latin)

More properly - "Deeds not Words"

St Patrick's Cricket Club Inc. is situated at Xavier High School, Fallon St North Albury. The Club is affiliated with Cricket Albury-Wodonga, and plays in the Provincial Division. Our facilities include turf and brand new synthetic practice wickets, a canteen/clubroom, indoor training facilities, bowling machine & etc.
This page contains recent scores and club information, as well as some relevant cricket links.
Comments and expressions of interest from potential players can be made by emailing or phoning Vincent or Chuck (details at left). Our postal address is there too.
If you would like to get on board as a sponsor, please contact the above people to discuss how we can assist in exposing your business in a positive and lucrative way.
We welcome every body, as long as you love the game and all it stands for.
We'd love to hear from you, even just to say hello.

Honorary Club Patron, David Boon, Tasmania and Australia.

Thanks to our Major Sponsor, The Commercial Club Albury

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Club News

  • The club would like to announce the appointment of Steve Williamson as Club Coach for 2010-2011.

  • Training at Xavier - 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Social events will be updated when the new Webmaster gets back from OS!!

  • Executive: President - Vincent Jones. Vice President - Mark Awburn. Treasurer (For Life) - Daniel Salmon. Secretary - Stephen Chalmers. Exec #5 - Phillip Star.

  • Committee - Kane Arendarcikas, Anthony Duck, Jerim Hayes, Mick Carroll, Andrew Lockett, Braedon Hensel, Dean Nicholson, Josh Steadman, Peter Nicholls, Heath Naughton. Well done cobbers for putting your hands up.

  • Check out Fiskerton CC - new in the links. The poor deluded buggers think England have a chance in the upcoming Ashes. Oh, my guts are hurting as I chortle! Apparently you could get the Poms today (9/10/10) for about $3.50 - excellent odds I would suggest.

  • Congratulations to Tom Carroll (Curator extraordinaire) , his talent and efforts are a huge reason why Xavier was chosen for the CAW Grand Final in 2009/2010 - a belter of a deck.

  • The U15 1 team defeated North Albury in the Grand Final in 2009/2010- making 159 with great innings by Andrew Mackinlay and Adrian Sawyer, both of whom retired on 50*. They restricted North to around the 110 mark, with wickets to Luke Brosolo, Andrew Mackinlay, Adrian Sawyer, Jack Muldoon, Ryan Burles and Max Chubb. The magnificent catch by James Chalmers turned the game (there may be some bias there). A great team effort! Top L to R - Ryan Burles, Nick Dempsey, Matt Przibella, James Chalmers, Jarryd Mercieca, Adrian Sawyer, Luke Campbell, Jack Muldoon, Luke Brosolo (bottom) Ian Hunter (Coach), Jack Hunter (Capt.), Max Chubb, Andrew Mackinlay.

Victorious U15 1 Team
  • Follow us on Facebook :-) How up to teh minute ubercool is that!!! OK, yes you're right, it's so yesterday. Lame. Anyway, have a look, it's not too bad - and no, I don't write it.

  • Congratulations to Kane Arendarcikas on his 200th game for the club, against Dederang 13 and 20 February 2010.

  • Here is the whiteboard at the Dederang pub ("The Ranga") after the first day (13 February2010): WTF - Kane Ardbark?? Neath Morton?? Their fame precedes them!! Notice Mick Carroll's lazy 168 in the Bs.

Whiteboard @ Ranga
  • Here is the Under 15 Division 2 side, coached by the inestimable Phil Star.

Phil Star's U15 Team

  • Mystery Bus Tour - On Saturday 22 November 2008, the club visited numerous establishments as part of a progressive dinner - a photo journal is here.

  • Phil Star, man of a thousand nicknames, raconteur, dilettante, and part-time Club Stalwart, was honoured by Cricket Victoria with a Volunteer of the Year Award, presented at a breakfast on the third day of the 2009 Boxing Day Test. He is pictured below with event MC Ian Cover and some Tasmanian bloke who is definitely not Boonie.

Oy and Covey

Have a look at Mick Carroll's video presentation shown on the 50th Anniversary Ball

Older Stuff

  • Some pictures here of the training facilities the club enjoys.

  • Super Rules match reports for 2007 can be found here. St Patrick's didn't field a team in the Super Cricket comp in '07/'08.

  • Super Rules - The venerable and champion older members of the club won the Grand Final on March 12th 2006. The narrative is here. The scores are here.

  • Karaoke was held on November 12th 2005 at the club rooms. It started at 8pm, critics tried to close it down at 8.01pm. Luckily the standard was - interesting. Photos are here, mercifully without sound!

  • Results for 2004/2005 are here.

  • PREMIERS 2003/2004 Details here!!! Pictures here!!!!

  • The Club Champions for 2003/2004 - ST PATRICK'S !!!!!!!!

  • Westy wins the 2003/2004 batting averages, with 409 runs at 51.13

  • Mark Awburn wins the Association Third Grade batting aggregate 2003/2004 with 371 runs.

  • Players were awarded these 2002/03 Best and Fairest votes

  • Would you like to be kept up to date with club happenings? Send me your e-mail address, and I'll add you to the list. E-mail Chuck


  • Here is a brief description of the tour to Griffith prior to the 2002/03 season's commencement on the weekend of October 5. Lots of hard cricket was played....................

    Scores & Recent History

  • The Association is now called Cricket Albury-Wodonga. Scores can be found at that easy to use and intuitive web site /off sarcasm mode.

  • The scores for season (2004/2005) are here.

  • The results for 2003/2004, are here.

  • How did we go in 2002/03?? Head to RESULTS 2002/2003 and be informed and astounded.

  • 2001/2002: - Third grade White and the Second Grade side win the Grand Finals - Scores here

  • 2002/2003: Second Grade make it back to back!! First Grade come second :-(((

  • Click here for Team Photos 2002/2003

    St Patrick's Players Overseas

  • Kenny Rayner, our first grade wicketkeeper a few years back, went to Saudi Arabia for a while. We missed him, but luckily many people had seen him (or at least so they allege), and they related these anecdotes at the " Where's Kenny? " page here (Not cricket at all "Old Bean!")

  • Kane Arendarcikas (leggy extraordinaire) headed to England in 2003 to ply his wares as a cricketer with Barton Town C.C. Read his travelogue here.

  • In 2005, Dean Carroll past Captain and club Coach also became one of Barton Town C.C.'s overseas players, with a transfer fee payable to SPCC of 3,452,196.69 - the cheap swine!!

  • Follow the adventures of Mick "Xmas" Carroll in England at his Live journal - Feed here - not updated unfortunately - bludger!!


Here is a gratuitous skull graphic, representing the way I prefer my batsmen. Deathly pale, and writhing like the whingeing parasites on the game that they are. Is that clear enough? What other rules can be adjusted to make life easier for them? Fielding restrictions, no bouncers, featherbed wickets, white balls, dodgy LBW interpretations, ( I certainly *never* appeal unless it's OUT! ), flatter seamed balls, spurious wide calls.... the list is endless! And what's that 20/Twenty crap???

Test Match Sofa below :-)

Last deceived by an subtle inswinging leg-cutter with alarming lift before being fined five runs for wearing a loud shirt in a built up area on 11/11/2010.

Please be advised that 2004 Australian of the Year & former Australian Test Captain S.R. Waugh sits at the Right Hand of God in so far as this Web Site is concerned. Get his autobiography here!!!

C r e a t e d U s i n g H i s B u m b l i n g B r a i n , C o p y r i g h t S t e p h e n C h a l m e r s 2010. Green&White logo Mick "Xmas" Carroll, concept Chuck.
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