Last Man Standing 2010

Could all sold or unsold Last Man Standing tickets please be returned to Jerim, before this weekend preferably. If you can’t sell them, that’s ok just give them back BEFOREHAND.  Not on the night! Thanks to Jerim everything is organised, from meat, booze, everything….. All that is required is for your remaining tickets to be … Read more Last Man Standing 2010

Round 2 News Reports Vs Albury

Week 1 news reports Vs Albury at Bilson Park, with Patties in the field. Preview of week 2, with an interview with Heath “That’s the Key” Dome! Also includes shots of the Patties at training, with ‘Dasha’ Scammell  smashing ‘Plugga’ Lockett back over his head, ‘Pup’ Hensel snicking one (and not happy about it!) and … Read more Round 2 News Reports Vs Albury