Storm Damage

There was some damage last night with the awning at the front of the club rooms being blown over the top of the club rooms, glancing off the roof capping, and coming to rest on the eastern side of the building. The power to shift it must have been awesome, as it is very heavy and was obviously bolted/welded on!!

The covers remained on the wicket though – perhaps Tom used bridge spikes or something!!!

Front of rooms minus awning
Where the awning used to be.
Where the awning ended up.
The final resting place of the awning!
Damaged facsia
That will buff right out!!
Awning on ground
It won't fall any further I suppose
Damaged trees
Desert Ashes in extremis

There were a fair few trees either completely destroyed or that had lost branches.

Thanks to the hardy souls that ventured out this afternoon and did some tidying up – there was a roll up of about 15 people, and the whole complex is much improved – well done!!

Photos courtesy Phil Star